Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mario Party 8 Review

If you like tons of fun and craziness around every corner then you will love mario party 8.
With so many game boards, minigames,and gold coins galore , its a game that you want to play till the end.
The setting is a circus bursting with suprises.As you can choose from any of the classic characters.
These characters include Mario,Yoshi,Toad,Princess Peach,and much much more.
There are even mystery characters you have to earn.
Playing this game will get your whole family up on there feet,and spending quality time.
And it also gives you the opportunity to teach your kids a little bit of money management.
In this game you will experience defeat and complete joy.Its a game that everyone will love.

*Disclosure-This reveiw is written in my own words and my own opinion.I was not compensated in any
way to do this reveiw. 

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